Sunday, 17 June 2018

Tag Journal Page

Hi everyone,

sorry for not posting for a wee while but I've been in the thick of it making wedding stationery to a tight deadline. After that I headed off to the sun for a well earned holiday.

As much as I always enjoy making wedding stationery I really missed  'playtime'.  So to compensate I snook a few envelopes into my suitcase just in case I had time to doodle snail mail (envelope art) whilst I was away.... which of course I did. A girl can only have so much sun.

Now I'm back, and with post holiday chores out of the way, I had time today to finish of a project that I started before I got embroiled in the wedding stationery. It's a journal page with a tag. You'll see what I mean........

To give you an idea of how I put the page together and the products I used, here's a run through of the process:

The background layer was an old practice piece that had been squirrelled away after testing out a new stamp (scribbled circle from Las Vegastamps). I stamped on a previously used scarp of watercolor card using Ranger Distress Oxide Ink (peeled paint).  I thought the practice piece would be perfect for what I had in mind and to add a little more interest to the background I decided to added a row of machine stitching around the edge.  I  later inked the edges and over the stitches using Ranger Distress Ink (peeled paint) and a blending tool.

The next layer is a tag and for this I used a Ranger size 8 manilla tag. I added large random circles using crackle paste through a handmade stencil and glued on the remnants from my hole punch  with a little Ranger Matt Medium. When the glue and crackle paste were dry, the whole thing got a coat of Claudine Hellmuth Studio gesso (white).

Using Windsor & Newton water colour paint (sap green)  I created some dripped from the top of the tag, spritzing with water to aid the flow..... I just love how the paint flowed around the smaller circles but enhanced the crazing in the larger circles as it forced it's way through the cracks and crevices in the dry crackle paste. 

The gesso made the paint look almost chalky and muted the colour which wasn't what I wanted really. To help the smaller circles stand out I decided to paint them using the same sap green watercolour paint.

I cut a piece of vellum to the same size as the tag and machine stitched the two together. The misty look of the tag through the vellum was just what I wanted.  An off cut of paper from my stash  found it's way onto the bottom of the vellum, as did Ranger Remnant Rubs (numbers) in various places.....


and here around and over a scrap of numeral ephemera ......

and also here on top  of another off cut of paper .....

Another tiny piece of paper was glued with matt medium on the left hand side, then layered with a small square of acetate and finally with a tiny cog. I used Glossy Accents to secure all three layers.
A few more cogs were used here and there, again secured in place with Glossy Accents. I had intended to paint the cogs but as I was deciding where to put them I rather liked their natural silver, so left them unmolested.

I secured a decorative brad from my stash through the hole at the top of the tag and used double sided tape to secure the tag to my background. The decorative brad has a thin silver band around the image so it ties in well with the au naturel cogs.

For once I didn't back my page with black card but I did add a tiny date tag  and secured it to the top right hand corner with a mini brad.

I rather like how this page turned out. What I like most, apart from the colour (sap green Mmmmm!!) is that the texture is hinted at through the vellum.

Thank you for letting me share my page with you.

Happy crafting,

Carol, xx

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Book Insert for a Junk Journal

Hi everyone,

don't know about your part of the world but here in the UK it's a glorious Spring morning. Outside my window it's wall to wall sunshine, the garden's vibrant and the birds are in full song. It lifts the soul.....

I promised I would post details of the final project I made yesterday and here it is........

The focal image is a calligraphy piece 'borrowed' from the internet.
Printed onto coffee dyed and inked copier paper.

It's a little hand stitched,  10.5 x 7 cm booklet that I made as an insert for one of my junk journals. Be warned there are a lot of photographs in this post, so can I suggest a cup of your favourite brew whilst you work your way through the post. Personally I love lots of pictures but if that's not your thing you might want to give this post a miss.... hope you won't though.

Ok, It's made throughout using coffee (obviously my brew of choice) dyed copier paper and the cover is watercolour paper that I stained and oven dried. It came out like a piece of fine suede and was so gorgeous I decided to use it for the front cover. It is also strong too, being a heavier gsm than the copier paper.  The booklet has just the one signature, which I hand stitched to the cover using the three hole pamphlet stitch and crotchet thread. All the edges are inked with Distress Ink (vintage photo.... my 'go to ink' for journals).

This is the inside... as you can see book print from my well worn and much loved Brideshead Revisited book and another calligraphy quote. This time from Albert Einstein, "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts".  It's a tip-in flap, held in place with washi tape....

and underneath, a wee moth from Stampers Anonymous stamp set (Entomology) in vintage photo DI.

The next page has a fixed tag on the LHS and a journaling spot on the RHS with a small vellum pocket. The bee image is from another Stampers Anonymous stamps (tiny things). I love this little bee. We have a lot of bees in our garden; carpenter bees, miner bees and bumble bees to name a few and the sound of their buzz as they go about their busy day is wonderful on a Spring day like today.

The tags are made from 1905 indenture paper (some of the old title deeds to my house) with inked and stitched edges. They're decorated with a scrap of lace from my stash and tiny mother of pearl buttons, tied with a very fine hessian thread.  The images are from the Entomology and Tiny Things stamp sets.... I've used these throughout the booklet as they're ideal for smaller tags, pockets and booklets. 

Over the page. You'll recognise the image from my post yesterday. It's another image 'borrowed' from the Internet and resized. As you can see it's layered onto more dyed and inked copier paper. I've over stamped with a Stampotique stamp (602.862.0237) by France Papillon and added a tiny metal embellishment in the corner with a brad. The opposite page is a rough torn vellum page stamped with another moth and over stamped again with the Stampotique crazed stamp.

Over the page again is another book-page page, but this time I've used it to back a glassine bag to create a side pocket. The bug image is from the above Entomology stamp set. The lace edging the pocket is from my stash.... It's very fine and I really wish I could remember where I got it, as it's running low...groan!

This is the centre of the signature and you can see the side opening pocket on the LHS,  again edged on this side with more of that lovely lace trim. 

On the RHS there is a top pocket with a tiny tag, again made from the indenture paper,  and stitched, inked and stamped and trimmed with lace and a wee button.  My threads from the binding have been sealed with tiny hearts cut from the indenture paper... and yep, the ant is from the Entomology stamp set.

This is a quick look inside the tiny booklet that nestled in the LHS side pocket. Size wise it's 3.5 x 7cm and the cover is more of my lovely indenture paper (just love the script). Inside it's coffee dyed copier paper stamped with more bug and bee images and also the text stamp from the .... you've guessed it, the Entomology set. This little 6 page booklet is also hand stitched and the threads secured with tiny hearts again... I rather like doing this, if I leave the threads visible at the centre of my signatures.

This is over the page... very simple.  You have the reverse image on the vellum page on the LHS and on the RHS, some easy stamping  embellished with another tiny mother of pearl button. The address stamp is from an AALL & CREATE stamp set (#39)

The final pages: A journaling page on the LHS with one final tiny tag slotted into a vellum corner tuck spot.  On the RHS a book page full length tuck spot, stamped with the bee again.  Inside is another calligraphy tag.....

Here is a close up of the tag.... isn't the calligraphy gorgeous.  Again it's inked and stitched around the edges. The tag is backed with dyed copier paper.

This is the reverse of the tag showing the backing paper and stamping.  I love the random coffee staining which I did by spritzing coffee from a bottle rather than dunking the whole page. Definitely much quicker and less drying time in the oven. 

And this is the back cover......  stamped with numerals from the Stampers Anonymous (Ecetera) stamp set. As you can see a little bit of scorching from the rungs in my oven but I actually like it and think it adds a little character to the cover and using the vintage photo DI for my stamping blends in well.

Yea, you made it... I warned you that today's post was picture heavy  but I hope you liked it nevertheless.

As I mentioned  this is an insert for one of my ongoing junk journals.... I have several on the go, as I tend to hunt down bits and bobs for the inclusions, make tags as and when the mood takes me  and generally gather together my page layout ideas before I go into production. Actually in production at the moment is a Quercus (Oak) journal but in the planning stage I have a bee journal (no surprise there), an oriental journal, a bug journal and also a sewing journal... so plenty in the pipeline to keep my amused but on the down side I have no idea when I'll get these finished or round to posting about those....sorry.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day and happy crafting.

Carol. xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Pockets & Bit 'n' Bobs


I thought I'd share what I've been doing today..... 

Well for starters I've been creating some little pockets and tuck spots for my ongoing junk journals and to do this I've been altering glassine bags. 

I know it is really easy to make your own glassine bags/envelopes but the ones I worked on today were purchased from The Pumpkin Paper Co. Size wise they are 6.5cm x 9cm and portrait orientation i.e the opening flap is at the top rather than at the side. They're very robust and I find they take to being daubed with ink, stain, gesso and tea/coffee really well. However, when it comes to glue I tend to use a viscous one like Ranger Matt Medium or Golden Heavy Gel, so it doesn't warp the glassine too much.

Here are a couple of close up of my altered pieces......

I printed and resized a couple of images that I found on the Internet and then basically collaged and layered them with snippets of lace from my stash, adding threads, tissue paper, vellum, dryer sheets, charms, tiny tags and vintage mother of pearl buttons as the mood took me. 

With some I applied a layer of white gesso first, then when dry, stamped over the top using a the script stamp from a Stampers Anonymous stamp set (Entomology CMS328) using Distress Ink (vintage photo) to form a background. On others I stamped additional images over the top from another Stampers Anonymous stamp Set (tiny things CMS164)

I also added scraps of coffee stained paper and hessian to my layering. Mind you I have to admit that I really struggle with collaging and it doesn't come easily to me.

And finally here is my last pocket and the tag I made for inside, both using the same mushroom image......

In addition to the glassine bags I decided to alter a C6 size brown envelope. Firstly I covered the envelope with an old, yellowing book page from an ancient copy of Brideshead Revisited (great book) and then basically I went through the same process as for the glassine envelopes, collaging to my hearts content again. This time I used some Ranger washi tape (Butterflies or perhaps it's called Botanical, sorry not sure) and some ruler washi tape from my stash.

The verdict is still out for me on this envelope.... I think what is putting me off is the 15 dollar stamp in Versamark ink (black) on the vellum. It seems too prominent and in retrospect perhaps I should have gone for brown.  I worked on the envelope sealed but cut a slither off down the right-hand side to create the opening for the pocket..... If I decide to use the envelope I'll cut a semi circle into one layer on the RH side, so that it's easier to access as a pocket.

The other thing I made today was an origami box to hold wild flower seeds....

 It measures 3" x 2.5" and is held flat with a belly band which I decorated with snippets of Edith Holden paper, a heart made out of layers of old book paper, a lace daisy and a mother of pearl button. I used crotchet thread to sew through all the layers to secure them in place on the belly band. A couple of tiny tags were glued under the edge of the daisy with matt gel.

This is what it looks like when the belly band is slipped off and inside .....

......A tiny packet of wild flower seeds. I stitched two layers of thick vellum together using my sewing machine and secured the ends with tiny hearts cut from Prima Marketing cardstock (Archivist). The edges were inked wit Distress Ink (vintage photo). The planting instructions from the original seek packet was trimmed to size and used to line the bottom of the origami box.

On the reverse of the box is an image of wild flowers that I found on the Internet.  Because this box is relatively flat I'm going to use it as an insert for the botanical junk journal I'm currently making. It's so cute and I'm delighted at how it turned out..... I'll certainly be making more.

That wasn't the last of my labours today. I also made a small book which will be another insert into one of my junk journals. I'll be posting on that tomorrow and sharing some photographs, so I hope you'll join me.

Happy crafting....

Carol. xx

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Elements - Journal Page

Hi everyone,

this journal page materialised after some playtime in my craft room yesterday. I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I was going when I sat down at my desk... I just let it evolve. It wasn't until I photographed the completed page for the blogpost this morning that I even decided on the orientation... crazy but fun.

Here it is.... (hidden) Elements......

Unfortunately as I was just playing I didn't take any photographs along the way, but I can talk you through the process if you're interested: Firstly I used one of the pages thinned from my Moleskine art journal and with some Windsor & Newton watercolour paint (sap green) I created a wash in the centre of the page using an acrylic sheet.

Next, using a Crafters Workshop Stencil (mini specimens) and Sweet Poppy Dimensional Paste (pearlescent) I created some random dimension in two opposite corners. 

Then in all four corners of the page, using the Viva Las Vegastamp (scribbled circle) and Ranger Distress Oxide ink (peeled paint), I did some secondary stamping. Stamping-off first  onto a piece of scrap card and then onto my page, to get a more subtle, softer image.

A couple of lines of machine stitching went around the outside edges for interest. 

A roughly torn piece of vellum was inked with both Distress Ink and Distress Oxide Ink (peeled paint) and a piece of map paper from Tim Holtz's Correspondence 12 x 12 Designer Paper Pad received the same treatment. 

I layered the vellum, then the map paper, and finally a piece of bark brought home from a recent holiday in the Azores using Golden Heavy Gel (matt).

My title was computer generated onto a piece of scrap card, edged with Distress Ink (peeled paint) and glued in place with matt gel. 

To finish off my page I edged it with peeled paint, backed it with black card and added a tiny date tag secured in place with a small green brad.

A very simple and easy page.  I love the colour and can see the scribbled circle stamp being a new favourite. I've almost used up all of the gorgeous bark that I brought home from the Azores earlier this year, but not quite. It's not destined for any more tags or journal pages though, as I've earmarked it for embellishing a nature junk journal that's on my craft desk at the moment.....more of that in a couple of weeks.   

That's all for today. Hope you liked my journal page. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

Happy crafting

Carol. xx

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Grungy Floral - Tag

Happy Bank Holiday everyone,

just a very quick post today to show you what became of the test piece for the Botanical Merchandise tag that I blogged about yesterday. This was that tag........

and this is what became of the test piece......

Pretty much identical, certainly in terms of the background. The only difference is that I used Ranger Texture Paste (opaque crackle) and the whole background is riven with cracks and crevices and a lot more muted in colour. Other than that the making process was exactly the same as for my Botanical Merchandise tag. Check out my earlier post if you are interested in a walk through of how I put that tag together.

As I had a small piece of the Ranger Collage Paper(botanicals) left over I stayed with the botanical theme. I fussy cut the poppy  this time and glued it onto vellum using Ranger Multi Medium (mat). It was coloured using Distress Ink (vintage photo) and adhered to one side of the tag with Golden Heavy Gel (matt). 

To add a little more interest I layered a couple of Ranger Cogs to the centre and filled the centre of these with tiny seed beads which in turn were held in place with Glossy Accents. I also scattered some of the beads over Distress Crackle Paint (rock candy) which I touched randomly over the poppy petals.

The Glossy Accents wasn't quite dry in the photo and is showing opaque.
It is clear when dry and will show the trapped seed beads. 

I used various pieces of Ranger Ephemera (botanicals) around the poppy together with an old train ticket from my stash, a Ranger Mini Plaquette,  a Ranger Tag Label (without the metal casement) and Ranger Film Strip Ribbon.

You can see the lovely cracks and crackles from
the texture paste I used on the background.

I also used another couple of pieces of ephemera from my stash, to one side and again at the top of the tag. Various Ranger Cogs & Gears and Prima Mechanicals (mini hardware) were attached too.

I used an old jewellery box handle instead of a ribbon at the top, but coloured it first using a Sharpie (black). The jump-ring on my tiny date tag fitted snugly between the screw and the font piece of the handle so it's held firmly in place.

I've had a couple of acetate tabs in my stash for an age now and decided to use one to lap over the piece of ephemera I used on the top of the tag. I held it in place with a touch of Glossy Accents and  a couple or three mini staples for interest. I don't have a Ranger tiny attacher but I do have a tiny chicken (!) 

Isn't she cute and she does a perfect job.
Thanks so much for popping by. Enjoy your Bank Holiday and .....

Happy crafting

Carol.  xx