Tuesday, 28 August 2018

PO ICAD: Circulation.

Hi everyone,

are you like me and find it hard to consign some left overs to the bin just in case they come in for another project or because they are just too darn gorgeous?

Today's PO ICAD is one of those pieces.... it was a practise piece from when I was experimenting with alcohol inks on glossy paper. I have to own up that alcohol inks have never been a favourite medium for me and I'm also not a great lover of glossy paper.... I'm a matt kinda gal. That being said it's testament enough to how much I like this background, certainly enough to keep it from being consigned to the bin!

For today's ICAD I wanted to work with watercolours, so I coated the glossy alcohol ink background with some clear gesso. I was delighted with the matt effect it gave in addition to providing some 'tooth' on the paper. Now that was a happy find.

For texture I added opaque crackle texture paste through TCW mini boulders stencil and let it air dry. Next came drippage in the form of Spiced Marmalade Distress Stain and much drying time. Rather than buffing it off the opaque crackle paste I left the stain coating the paste to tone it down from it's original stark white.

Finally, I went around the outside of each circle firstly with a charcoal pencil activated with a little water and then with watercolour pencils.

This was my first outing of TCW mini boulders stencil in my stash and a happy first finding out that I could use clear gesso to give a matt finish to gloss paper whilst also providing enough tooth for it to take water reactive products... yea!!!

Happy crafting,

C xx  

Monday, 27 August 2018

PO ICAD: Foiled Again

Hi everyone,

I've called today's ICAD foiled again because it's the second card I made today using Ranger Vintage foil sheets. The first one was going really well, that is, until I decided to add just a tad more foil and it became an unmitigated disaster!

But in the spirit of positivity I'll  revise my language.  That earlier card was a practise piece and this card.......

is my PO ICAD for today.... (Smile)

When I made my Burghley PO ICAD the background was created on a piece of card much larger than a basic index card, so I cut it down to size.  This meant that I had enough left over to use as my background for today's ICAD.

Tim Holtz has a video on YouTube where he uses Ranger Sticky Embossing powder with Ranger Vintage foil sheets.  Whilst I have the foil sheets I don't have the sticky embossing powder. But what I do have is a tub of Stampendous Stamp & Bond from eons ago when I use to play with flock powder. I dug it out this morning to give it a try and guess what?  It worked perfectly.... basically it's the same stuff.

So using a Woodware grasses stamp I embossed my image using embossing ink, sprinkled with Stamp & Bond, blasted with a heat gun and swiped over my foil sheet ("ugly side down" as Tim says).

For the edges I replaced the embossing ink with Distress Ink (stormy sky) then sprinkled the Stamp & Bond and that worked perfectly too. I tend to forget that Distress ink has a 'window' before it dries which means it can double as embossing ink too.  

For the card edge I used a couple of foil sheets in different colours... a warm gentle rose gold and deeper coppery tone. They work beautifully together. I really liked the effect.

As a final touch, I went round my flower adding a little shadow with a Faber Castell Artist Big Brush Pitt marker in warm grey. I also used it around the outside edges. I applied it more extensively at the bottom of the card to draw the eye down and accentuate the foiling in the two bottom corners. 

I like this new technique and can see it being used on my journal pages in the future..... I'm learning so much with this PO ICAD challenge. It's great (smile)

Happy crafting

C xx

Sunday, 26 August 2018

PO ICAD: Into the forest I go.....

Hi everyone,

I love, love, love today's PO ICAD.  Just take a look .....

And it really does show that sometimes things don't have to be perfect to be loved. You'll see what I mean in a moment.

If you read yesterday's post, you'll know that I had a puddle of ink left over on my craft sheet from yesterday's PO ICAD: Distress Glaze resist. Not wanting to waste it, I mopped it up on another index card in readiness for today and having enjoyed using the Distress Glaze so much, I wanted to try it through another Ranger Mini Layering Stencil (set 21).

This time I went in a little more heavy handed with the glaze. Actually too much so, because when I took the stencil off my background I could clearly see it was too thick. This left me with a dilemma; do nothing and see if it would work or wipe the Distress Glaze off and risk smudging the outline I'd created by applying it through the stencil. 

Coffee always helps the thought processes ( well, it does for me!) so I headed off to make a coffee and ponder. By the time I returned, coffee in hand, I'd decided to do nothing and see what happened.

Ideally I would have created my trees with some Pickeet Fence Distress Stain applied through the stencil. But as I'd run out of that a while ago I reached for the next best thing, Dylusions White Linen spray. It gave me the effect I wanted for the trees but 'snow' on the Distress Glaze. This wasn't quite what I had in mind.  I wanted the vibrancy of the coloured background to show through the now muted trees. I certainly hadn't intended the wintery scene I had accidentally created.

Trying to wipe the spray off the background with a damp baby wipe, how ever gently done, would only reactivated the spray and 'chalk' the background and whilst this wasn't an unpleasing effect it still wasn't what I had in mind. So I decided to leave it alone and have the illusion of snow falling between my trees. Not perfect but I was happy with it.

My sentiment is a favourite quote of mine that I computer generated and coloured with  Fossilised Amber and Peeled Paint Distress inks. Adding a few water splatters here and there to mimic the snow.

The more I look at this PO ICAD the more I like it...... hope you do too.

Happy crafting

C xx

Saturday, 25 August 2018

PO ICAD: Distress Glaze Resist

Hi everyone,

I wanted to try out using Distress Glaze as a resist technique today. It's a product I've had for sometime but not really used (think there is a theme here....Hmmm!).

I set up my background using Fossilised Amber Distress Oxide (a favour go-to colour for me) through one of the mini layering stencils and then 'bumped' the stencil to one side and slightly down, revealing a small edge of the white, before applying the glaze very lightly with my index finger.

Then using the wrinkle free technique with Peeled Paint, Rusty Hinge, Dusty Concord Distress Ink and Forest Moss Distress Stain as my background colours,  I swooshed the index card through the puddle of inks...... gorgeous.  

This is not a colour combo I've used before but I loved the effect.....

Because the stencil is quite small and intricate and I was anxious not to use too much glaze it didn't work too well all over the card but has in places here and there. I also got a bit carried away with spritzing water to my puddles of colour towards the bottom of the card which left some watermarks when I blasted it with the heat gun..... I'm ok with that, as it all adds to the effect.

Out came the Stampers Anonymous Bird Crazy stamp for a focal point. This wee chap was stamped on my background in Archival Potting Soil and then again on a scrap piece of card. He was coloured using some of the ink that was left over on my craft sheet. So too was the Snarky Work sticker that I chose for my sentiment (cheeky, isn't it.)

I added a touch of Glossy Accents to his eyes and edged the card with Faber Castell Artist Big Brush Pitt marker in cold grey.

Hmmmm, now what to do with that left over ink on my craft sheet?

Happy crafting,

C xx

Friday, 24 August 2018

PO ICAD: Rose Sauvage

Hi everyone,

I've had the most amazing time marbling paper this morning and with shaving cream of all things.

YouTube is an amazing resource and I could spend half my life just  watching the crafting videos and tutorials, if I didn't exercise a modicum of discipline.  But sometimes I come across something that is really fascinating and marbling paper using shaving cream seemed unreal that I've been champing at the bit to give it a try. All I needed was to get my hands on some shaving cream as any self confessed crafter will have all the other necessary bits and bobs  stashed away and I was no exception.

Todays index card was made using a tiny scrap of mop-up cardstock after a healthy session spraying, drizzling, squirting and manipulating ink laden shaving foam around a baking tray.... heaps of fun.

Bit of a cheat ICAD in that I just stamped onto my scrap of marbled card but I really didn't want to cover up the gorgeous swirls of colour.

And in case you hadn't guessed already my something new today was....... marbling!  Definitely going to revisit this technique.

Happy crafting

C xx

Thursday, 23 August 2018


Hi everyone,

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to try today for my PO ICAD but I did want to try doing some intuitive work and to see where it took me...... doesn't sound hard, does it?  It might not be for you but I find it really difficult.

Here is today's index card........

I randomly stamped four circles, coloured these using my Intense Ink Blocks and then set too adding Remnat Rubs and Pebeo silver leaf to my hearts content. I think I got a little carried away with the Pebeo but you live and learn.

Happy crafting

C xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Hi everyone,

today saw me trying out using watercolours on vintage book pages... Hmm not too successful. I didn't prime my first attempt, so when I came to add water the book page just soaked up the water like a sponge and my watercolours bleed badly.

So if nothing else this PO ICAD exercise is teaching me thing en route.

You might have seen this done as journal page on the internet (sorry I'm not sure who created it originally) but I've always liked it for it's simplicity so when I wanted a quite index card to day this is the one I thought I'd recreate.

Having learnt my lesson and made sure that after gluing my book page to my index card, that I gave it a good coat of clear gesso before I started drawing and adding colour.

I used a black micron pen to draw my images and border and Stamping Up water colour markers for the colouring. The outside border was done using a Faber Castell Artist Pitt Big Brush marker and a little water to create a grey wash.  Glossy Accents gave me a bright shiny balloon.

Happy crafting

C. xx

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Day 17. Burghley PO ICAD

Hi everyone,

I thought all was going swimmingly well on the recuperation front and I had planned to have a day out at the Burghley Horse Trials in a months time as a reward. But rather disappointingly my post op consultation this morning has put the kibosh on that. It appears that I've been doing way too much, way too soon and not resting enough....... short of getting up and breathing that's all I'm allowed to do this month! And there was I thinking I'd be exceptionally good and a nice stroll around the horse trials would be fine...Hmmm!

So much to my dismay Burghley is out for this year. As much as I'm gutted there is always next year to look forward to.

I commiserated by making this PO ICAD.  This gorgeous little stencil looks like those beautifully elegant riders that do dressage and my something new was using it today for it's  first outing.

I used the stencil to create a mask (there's no holding me back with making and using masks now) which I then used on my background as I white heat embossed the ledger text from the Stampers Anonymous Etectera stampset.

To provide colour for the background I blended Bundled Sage and Iced Spruce Distress Oxide (love this colour combination) and then added a few water splatters. The white embossing acted as a resist to the DO.

When the mask was removed it left a white space which I then coloured through the stencil with Black Soot Distress Ink, working the colour in with a small finger dauber.

Finally I used Ranger Idea-ology mini alphabet letters to create the name and outlined these with a fine black Micron pen.

Have to say I'm really delighted how this index card turned out. Using heat embossing as a resist is a pleasing technique as it never seems to go wrong and who couldn't like this colour combo (smile).

Happy crafting,

C. xx

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Day 16 - Scatty Cat PO. ICAD

Hi everyone,

here is today's PO ICAD.......

I blended Rusty Hinge, Fired Brick and Fossilised Amber Distress Oxides for my background and then the usual splatters of water for interest.

I think everyone will recognise the Stampers Anonymous Crazy Cat stampset. I've had this set for ages now and, I'm ashamed to say, not used it.  

Using my Misty I stamped out one of the cat images directly onto the background in black Archival ink and then another image onto some scrap white card which I then coloured using my Stamping Up watercolour marker pens. 

My index cards are becoming rather bulky so I glued my now coloured cat onto the background rather than use dimensional foam pads.  Using a Faber Castell Artist Big Brush Pitt pen in cold grey, I created some ground for him to sit on and a little shadow outlining to give him a little depth.

The final touch was Glossy Accents for the eyes and today's index card was done. Simple but I hope you liked him.

Happy Crafting

C. xx

Friday, 17 August 2018

PO ICAD - Day 16. Music Masking

Day 16: Music Masking ICAD

My 'something new' today was using masking paper. Previously I've made do with Post-it notes and the like if I've needed to mask. It works perfectly for stamping but definitely not so good if you're applying a wet medium and want to keep the area under the mask clean.

I wanted to test-run some purposely designed masking paper to see how it stood the test of using a wet medium.

I masked off the central oval and it worked perfectly despite the heavy Bundled Sage Distress Stain drippage.

There's a little archival ink stamping, a soup├žon of washi tape, a smatter of Ranger Remnant Rubs and (my favourite) Pebeo mirror effect leaves for a subtle lift of silver here and there. Oh, and Faber Castell Artist Big Brush pen for the shadowing. 

Happy crafting

Carol. xx