Saturday, 25 February 2017

Distress Ink Blender Storage

I decided I wanted to sort out my Distress Ink blender pads today and this is what I came up with.

Using an small ring binder I cut several pieces of plain white cardstock and punched holes so they would sit nicely in the ring binder.  Then I marked up a grid for 12 blending pads per page on the cardstock leaving a small area underneath for a printed label to describe the colour the pad is used for.

Here you can see the grid without any pads in place
 but with the printed labels 

Next I cut acetate pages the same size as my cardstock pages and again punched holes so these would sit nicely inside the ring binder too.

With the acetate page in place over the cardstock page I positioned small pieces of velcro onto the acetate where I wanted the blending pads to sit, using the grid on the cardstock page below as my guide.

To make sure that the pads don't contaminate each other when they are held in place by the velcro, I made sure there was a spare acetate page in between the ones covered with velcro... Soooooo the sandwich inside the ring binder is: cardstock page with the grid printed on it, acetate page with velcro, plain acetate page, another acetate page with velcro and finally a cardstock page with a grid printed on it......hope that makes sense!

And these are my DIY blender tools

As much as I would like a Tim Holtz blender tool for each of my Distressed Inks  it would be a luxury.  I recently unmounted some of my wooden stamps so I decided to use some of the blocks.  There were some that were a perfect size, so I didn't even have to do any chopping, sawing  or sanding!  All it took was a small piece of the sticky backed velcro I had in my sewing stash ( I used it on the acetate pages too)  cut to size and stuck to the block.

I rather liked the caption one block so I left it unsanded.

Happy crafting

Carol. xx

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