Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tag Storage

Hi everyone,

thanks for stopping by... can you believe it, two posts in two days.  Seems I'm an all or nothing kind of gal!

Since I've been making tags I've had a dilemma about how to store them.  After they're made they sit in my craft room for awhile looking pretty but then I need to find a home for them because I run out of room.  For ages I've been hunting for THAT perfect box in which to hang them..... I decide this would be the best way to stop them getting crushed and I also wanted to be able to store them according to the year they were made.  OCD or what!

Not finding the 'right box' necessitated plan B..... aka making the box myself ......  et Voila!!!!

Side of the box with TH handle ready for my date label.

 TH Idea-ology used for my closure: 

Close up of the closure.....I don't do difficult!

Internal view ... In essence it's a tag wardrobe

For the bar I used a length of wire cut from a white coat hanger. I glued it inside a TH Idea-ology cog (perfect fit) and then glued that with Glossy Accents to the inside of my box.  The addition of the cog gave it more stability and saved the need to puncture the fabric of the box.

Some of my tags hanging in place. 

I back all my tags with black cardstock so I needed a little more clearance in the height of the box than for a size 8 manilla tags.

And this is what I use to hang my tags in their little wardrobe....coat hangers made from paper clips.  TH Idea-ology mini hangers are on the market but they are easy enough to make 

I thread the hanger up through the ribbon at the back of the tag as shown above.

A few more tags inside the wardrobe......

And some more..........

And yet more.... in all, my wardrobe holds 30 tags. Which is fortunate as that is exactly how many tags I made last year. If they were less dimensional more would go in but I prefer to give them plenty of room.

Right I'm off to make another tag wardrobe for my 2017 tags.... all go around here!

Thanks for stopping by and finding time to read my post.  Please feel free to leave a comment as I love to read them.

Happy crafting....

Carol. xx


  1. This is so so cool Carol! Your previous tag and all of these are just gorgeous and look great in their new home. What a ingenuitive girl you are! Love love love this! Hugs, Autumn

  2. Hi Autumn, thanks so much for your lovely comment and for finding time to read my post. I'm just finishing off my 2017 tag wardrobe so I'll have no excuse not to tidy away my tags this year..... but I do like having them out in the craft room for awhile though. Happy crafting. Hugs C. xx