Thursday, 23 February 2017

Christmas Make

Hi everyone,

can't you tell I'm still catching up on my posts......guess the title gives it away, ah?

This is another of the Christmas makes I made for last Xmas......

A tiny drift wood sculpture and I do mean tiny....

The piece of driftwood I found had two tiny tacks in it so I decided to leave them in place.  I used a small blob of air drying clay for my cottage and secured this in place by pushing it gently over one of the tacks. A wee smidgen of Glossy Accents never goes amiss so this was added too.  

The other tack became one of the anchors for my washing line.  I used small grade ecru crotchet cotton for the line itself and the other end was secured to the silver wire tree I made.

Because I didn't like the plain wire ends on the tree, I cut tiny leaves out of an old novel (Brideshead Revisited) and glued these in place, one on either side of each of the wire ends, using Glossy Accents. The book is ages old and was much loved but the pages have aged so beautifully that it has now become my go-to book when I want aged book print pages to craft with.

The clothes on the washing line were also cut from the same novel  and edged with a black pigment marker pen to add a little interest, before being folded over the line and glued with Glossy Accents.

It really was fun to make.  I've not played with air drying clay before nor attempted wire art but I can see me trying them again in the future...... Ohhhh, so many new things to try and sooooo little time. Life is just way way too

Thanks so much for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment as I love reading them.

Have a wonderful week and happy crafting.

Carol. xx 

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