Monday, 27 February 2012

Slash & Burn Sunday


(Whenever I get out the soldering iron for a session of fibre fusion my partner calls it a 'slash & burn' session so that term has stuck in our household)

I had a lovely day yesterday doing a Fusion Dayschool with Margaret Beal (Burning Issues) along with a few of my carding friends and some ladies from the Parbold Embroiders Guild. We had the whole day to ourselves  learning new techniques with organza and a soldering iron but forgetting to mention the wonderful, wonderful cakes.  What could be better!

I'm not posting any of my 'efforts' because that's exactly what they were!.  Somewhere in the week I lost my mojo, so consequently I wasn't happy with anything I put together during the day, so I decided to take the pressure off myself and  concentrate on producing examples of the techniques Margaret demonstrated for us.  I find I work best at home anyway, just taking away from workshops the techniques on offer and funnily enough I'm in good company, as Margaret said the same thing on the drive home..... Oh, but you should have seen some of the lovely samples produced. It was worth it just to see those being made. A fantastic day.



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