Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fibre Fusion

I had a lovely day yesterday... I attended a Fibre Fusion workshop hosted by the Parbold Branch of the Embroiders Guild and worked with the raw/natural silks produced by a silk cocoon to make silk 'paper'.  Although it's called paper the amount of fixing solution used to bond the silk fibers determins how stiff the silk becomes so that it's uses are only limited by (my) imagination.... it's amazing for journal pages, canvases, wall hangings, embroidery backgrounds, beads and even bowls.

The above picture shows my first attempt and I'll use it for an embroidery at some stage.

These are another couple I did experimenting with different silk fibers but this time including scrim, seeds, threads, tissue paper and seeds into the silk fibers.  I preferred the ethereal appearance of my first attempt so......

I tried it again with just the silk fibers.  Using a kebab stick I had a go at making a few silk beads for when I eventually get round to embroidering onto these.  BUT what I liked best was making a bowl and here it is.....
I'm delighted with this with it being my first attempt and can't wait to have another go... don't you just love playtime!

But to round off the day I had a play with some lollipop flowers... pretty hooked on these at the moment!  I adore the rich burgundy colour of the material I used which made them look rather rich and elegant, I thought.

(I wanted this one slightly off center)

Bye for now and happy crafting..... C.xx

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  1. Beautiful work as always Carol. Looks like you had lots of fun at the workshop. Happy creating !