Monday, 10 April 2017

Ink Swatch Book - Update

Hi everyone,

In February I posted about an ink pad swatch book that I made. I was delighted with how it turned out and especially with Inkylicious'  Ink Pad ID Reference Stamp that I used for each colour swatch.

I'm still delighted with it BUT...... in practice the swatch book is large and too cumbersome for me.  

In the back of my mind I was casting around for a better option  and whilst I was mooching around in my craft room the other day I came across this little plastic folder.

I purchased it from Paperchase many moons ago and I think it's designed to hold business cards. Well that's what I've been using it for... business cards from various craft shops etc.  Either way it was  absolutely perfect for the job I had in mind.....

As you can see it has a plastic sleeve and inside.......

There are 20 pages and each is divided into three sections.  That's over 120 colour swatches if you slot them in back-to-back. 
All I needed to do was trim away the hole at the top of each of my colour swatch tags and slip them into the plastic pockets (this little folder was just made for colour swatches. The pocket size is a perfect fit). 

If I want to remove a swatch to match it against a project it just slips out of it's pocket or alternatively,  I can match it up leaving the swatch inside the folder as the pockets are transparent.  If the original swatch gets damaged/marked I can just make another and slid it into it's pocket.... it's as easy as that. And it's the same if I get a new ink pad, I just shuffle the others up in their pockets to make room.

And here is the folder tucked away inside it's wallet.....

Next time I'm in Paperchase I'm going to see if they still make these and pick up a couple more for my Distress Paints & Stains.... they're just too perfect not

Happy crafting,

Carol. xx

Carol, xx

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