Sunday, 7 June 2015

Tammy Tutterow Journals

These are my take for a couple of journal covers using a tutorial very kindly shared by Tammy.

The first one used some map fabric samples I had from John Lewis (this is seriously wonderful canvas!!!!) and I have to say this journal cover  is my favourite of the two.  (Might have to invest in a metre or two of this fabric as I feel other projects coming on....YEA!)

The fabric, although being canvas, is a lightweight furnishing fabric so was slightly thicker and sturdier to work with. I followed Tammy's tut. and pinked the edges of the material with pinking shears which made the fit around the internal mat boards much tighter.

I stitched in black along the latitude and longitude lines to give a slightly quilted effect. For the front embellishment I used a small piece of faux suede which I frayed at the edges, a free-hand cut heart of adhesive canvas which I inked and stamped.

The GORGEOUS frame was one that I've had in my stash and been hoarding for ages, just because I couldn't bare to part with it. I've no idea where it came from originally SOOOOOO it had to be for just the right project.  As this little journal cover is for my special person because of her love of travel this had to be the project.

The other embellishments are Ranger Idea-ology ..... sure you knew that anyway.   Oh and a couple of SU jumbo eyelets for the binding on the spine.

Here are a couple of other pics.......

Inside the journal cover

Back view

This is the second journal cover... a departure from Tammy's tut as I decided that I didn't want to pink my edges this time. Instead I made a sleeve, so that the edges of the material were on the inside and hand stitched the last seam (on a short edge)  to close the matt boards inside.  Much more fiddly and it didn't give such a tight fit of the material over the matt boards doing it this way.

Again I quilted the cover, stitching along the architectural lines on the Ranger Eclectic Elements fabric.

For my embellishments I cut out a few pieces from the other Eclectic Elements fabric designs and padded those before inking and stitching them on. I also added a couple of Idea-ology pieces, measure tape and mini metal corners.

Again there are my trusty SU Jumbo eyelets in the spine of the cover.

This is the inside of the Journal cover and as I'm looking at it I think I might add a small pocket on the front inside cover.... either with some fabric glue or hand stitched or both!

I'm off now to make up my signatures.... for the travel journal I'll add a couple of distressed atlas and road map pages and pockets for interest. Ranger's Correspondence paper pad will be perfect for this journal too.

Hope you liked me sharing these with you as much as I've enjoyed making them over the last week or so.... thanks so much to the very talented Tammy for generously sharing the original tut.

Happy crafting all,

Carol. x


  1. This is fantastic! I particularly love the one without the pinking edge. Just fantastic!

  2. Me too... I'll have to see if the lovely John Lewis' will let me have some more of the map canvas so that I can make another without the pinked edges.... it is such lovely canvas and great to work with.

    C. xx