Monday, 5 December 2011

A Blissful Sunday.......

Yesterday was absolute bliss as I had the whole day to myself for crafting.  Here it was one of those cold, wet, windy days and so grey all day that it looked like perpetual dusk outside.... YUK.  Definitely a day for being indoors and playing.  To make it even better my mojo was in fine fettle so a project that had been in my mind's eye turned out looking like I imagined (or rather hoped) it would and the added bonus was that I even managed to finish off a couple of other projects that had been on my craft desk  for the last two weeks.

Firstly there was my picture............

This was one of my fiber fusion samples. A friend of mine liked the sample so I decided to embroider and mount it for her as a little extra, surprise Christmas present.... hope she likes it.  It's basically layers of organza fabric fused with a soldering iron to make a background for me to embroidered over. Then I mounted it on black felt and finally popped it into a frame I bought.

My next project was a Christmas tree made from a magazine which I'd seen on U Tube and just had to have a go at making .  It's all done with just 3 folds per page... no cutting or pasting, just folding.  Mind you this one took me a hour to make because I had to choose a magazine that had 180 pages.... but it's nice and full and very sturdy. If I make another of these I'll be settled in watching a good film whilst I'm doing all the folding next time!

I could go on and decorate  the tree, say by using a punch on the edges to texture the sides of the tree, making some Happy Christmas banners like the ones I used on the red & green tags I made the other day and adding those to it along with some tiny origami stars BUT I'm not going to.  I'm going to leave mine plain.  Well, for now at least...

My next task was a project that I'd been champing at the bit to do for weeks.  I knew in my mind's eye how it should look (or rather how I wanted it to look) but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off in the finished article... well, here it is.

 The colour is really poor on the picture I'm afraid, sorry.  The Spanish Moss is silvery grey so I matched it up  with paper from the K&Company double sided wedding paper pad. It's all in pastel blues, greens and fawn with the odd darker brown and blue thrown in for 'pop'.  You get a little bit more detail on these two pictures....
 It's huge though.  The plain oasis ring that forms the base was a 16" ring, so by the time I added on the cones it measured a good 20" in diameter. You can actually just see the oasis ring poking through in the center of the wreath in the above picture.... a couple more paper flowers needed on the inside to finalise.
I chalked the edges of all the flowers and in the centre of the open ones I added a large pearl for a little bling.  The cream, wire-edged ribbon also had a hint of simmer and I spritzed the whole wreath to add a little gentle sparkle on what was otherwise a delicately coloured wreath. I'll see if I can get a better picture to show off the colours as it looks a little insipid in these pictures..... I was sooooo pleased with how it turned out.

Happy crafting.

Love & hugs


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  1. The Wreath is absolutely gorgeous in real life Carol, totally stunning.

    However my beautiful, beautiful Fusion Picture is mind blowing and I love it. For now it will be staying safely wrapped up until my bedroom is re-decorated as it so deserves a fitting backdrop for it to shine. Huge thank you again